A. Company

MAYI INFINITY SDN. BHD. (1248290-P) AJL 932227 (hereafter known as the Company) is a direct selling company that provides its products to the consumer via independent distributors. The policy and procedures outline in this document are for all its Distributors.

  1. Company Name

    Usage of the Company name, trademark and logo may only be used with the prior written approval of the Company. The use of the company name is permitted in name cards, letterhead or any printed material and must always include the words “Independent Distributor”, clearly visible on the front side.

  2. Confidential Information

    Confidential information on distributor’s organisation or down line is for the up line distributors only. The information must not be used for purposes other than permitted by the Company and should not be revealed to any third party.

  3. Organisational Information

    All organisational report produced by the Company such as royalty, down line report, commission statement, etc. are the sole property of the Company and distributors are strictly prohibited from disseminating such information.

B. Distributor Terms and Conditions

  1. Distributor

    A distributor is a person who has submitted the Independent Distributor Agreement and is accepted by the Company. The Company has the right to accept or decline anyone (without assigning a reason) from becoming a distributor. In submitting the Independent Distributor Agreement, the distributor agrees to the terms and conditions of the said Agreement and further has understood the compensation plan fully. The distributor also acknowledges that the company has the right to amend the compensation plan or any terms and conditions under any clause in this agreement, policies and procedures, etc without assigning any reasons whatsoever

  2. Independent Distributor

    For the sake of clarity, a Distributor is an Independent person and not an employee, agent, or partner of the Company.

  3. Terms and Conditions to Become a Distributor

    Subject to item B.1.above a prospect must complete the Independent Distributor Agreement Form together with full payment of membership fee. The Company must receive the original agreement form complete with signature and dated (without any amendments). For online registration, the prospect must complete and submit the said forms online together with full payment. An administration fee/charge shall be levied on the distributors/members for payment(s) made through the Company’s payment gateway. To avoid such fees to be levied, the Company advises its Malaysian members/distributors to perform a direct bank transfer and thereafter provide the Company with proof of payment such as a receipt from the bank. The Company has the right to reject/refuse any applications without assigning any reasons, this includes applications which has already been processed or approved.

  4. Distributor ID Number

    The distributor ID number shall be allocated by the Company. The ID Number is confidential and should not be revealed at any time to a third party. In the case of partnership or company, only the person who has signed the Independent Agreement Form is authorized to act on behalf of the said partnership or company.

  5. Annual Subscription

    Annual subscription fees must be paid to the Company in order for the Independent Distributor to receive Company literature or monthly mailings. The subscription fees* must be paid on the anniversary of his/her distributorship.∗ The imposition of the annual and renewal fee is at the sole discretion of the company.

  6. Minimum Age

    A person must be of at least 18 years of age to qualify as an independent distributor.

  7. Second Distributorship

    The Company distributors (either individually or as a company) are disallowed to have second distributorship.

  8. Spouse

    The lawful spouse(s) to the distributor may only be sponsored by the distributor as his direct front line.

  9. Changes in Distributorship for Companies / Partnership

    The Company has the right to approve the changes on the business name or partnership of a company. All such changes must be requested in writing prior to approval by the Company.

  10.  Distributors Information

    It is the responsibility of the distributor to inform the Company of any change/update of particulars on his/her distributorship such as name, address, and telephone numbers, etc. All such changes must be in writing and must reach the Company at least 30 days before such updates/changes may be effected in the Company’s online system. All changes/updates are subject to approval by the Company.

  11. Inheritance

    Upon the death of a distributor, the rights, commission, and responsibilities shall be transferred to the nominated next of kin, as per the name submitted to the Company in the Independent Distributor Agreement Form (as per item B.3 above) or as per subsequent update as per item B.10 above.

  12. Cancellation

    The Independent Distributor may cancel his / her agreement with the Company at any time in writing.

  13.  Bonus Payment and Business Report

    Bonus calculation or any other payment made by the Company to distributors are based on the weekly / monthly calendar (as per Company discretion). Direct bank transfer of bonus payment monies may incur administration charges as decided by the Company from time to time. Orders must be received by the Company’s Customer Service Department. The Company’s computer system shall maintain all distributor records such as order/purchase, down line data in the online data management system. All such records may be accessed online under the distributor’s account. New updates may require up to 24 hours to be updated in the data management system. If a distributor resigns or is terminated, for whatever reasons the Company has the discretion to stop all bonuses or other payments for up to 60 days or until such time the matter is resolved by the Company.

  14.  Consent to Deduct on Bonuses for Monthly Maintenance and Package Upgrade

    The distributor hereby consents to an auto deduction from their bonuses for the following:
    a) Upgrade to higher packages and
    b) Monthly maintenance that falls below limits set by the CompanyThe distributors also agree that they allow the Company to decide the percentage of the above-said deduction. The monthly maintenance of the full amount is required and the distributor agrees to top the account 5 days before the calendar month ends if there is an inadequate amount to cover the monthly maintenance PV (personal volume) to ensure the monthly maintenance bonus may be processed and if the distributor fails to do so then he or she understands that they will not be eligible for the monthly bonuses.

    On upgrade of packages, there is an auto-upgrade which is time-bound and this shall be decided by the Company from time to time and announced via the online distributor account or informed through the website. Currently, the auto-upgrade for Re New to Re Vitalise package is 180 days from the sign-up date; Re Fresh to Re Vitalise package is 180 days from the date of the sign-up. The distributor can top up 5 days before the expiry date to avoid not being upgraded to the desired package.

  15. Tax

    The distributors are responsible for the payment of the appropriate local and federal taxes, duties, and obtaining a business license if any is required.

  16. Selling of Distributor’s Status and Distributorship

    A distributor shall not sell, gift or transfer his/her distributor status and/or distributorship without a written application and approval from the Company. The buyer must not be a distributor of the Company. All documentation on the sale and purchase must be submitted to the Company for review and approval. The Company has the right to decline or approve the above-said sale, gift, or transfer.
    A distributor who sells his distributorship shall not join or be accepted as an independent distributor unless after the 6th month of the selling date of the distributorship.

  17.  Customer Complain

    A distributor must respond to complaints by his/her customer as soon as possible and take all necessary steps to provide assistance to the customer.

  18. Cash Refund

    Distributors must honor the Company’s money-back guarantee policy to their customers by replacing the unused product or cash refund subject to the terms and conditions of the Company’s refund policy.

  19. Communication

    The cost of short messaging service (sms) is to be borne by the distributor or member and will be deducted from their commissions or bonuses.