C. Sponsor’s Terms and Conditions

  1. Sponsor’s Responsibilities

    A sponsor must train, motivate and provide assistance to their down lines. These may require continuous communication and supervision. A sponsor must be responsible to provide leadership training and promoting the Company’s products. Any action of a sponsor to another sponsor, which may be against the Company’s policy shall be deemed a breach of the Company’s policy. In such cases, a distributor must provide evidence to support such breaches of the Company policy to the Company. A sponsor must at all times adhere to the Company’s policies and procedures and the law’s regulations of the land.

  2. Change of Sponsor

    Change of sponsor is strictly prohibited. Change of sponsor may only be considered if the distributor has resigned for 6 months and registers as a new independent distributor.

  3. Sponsor’s Dispute

    The Company shall not mediate in any sponsor-related dispute. If the Company receives two Independent Distributor Agreements at the same, the Company shall honour the first agreement received in time. All new distributors have the right to choose their sponsor.

D. Purchasing and Selling the Company’s Products

  1. Product Purchase

    A distributor must purchase all products, literature, brochures etc. directly from the Company.

  2. Resignation and Buy Back Policy

    If a distributor wishes to terminate his distributorship, the Company shall have the first right of refusal to buy back the products provided the unused products, are in the Company’s view, to be in good condition and resalable and that the purchase by the Company from distributor shall be made in not more than 6 months from the date of the Distributor’s termination and further subject to no commission/bonus has been paid to the distributor. A distributor may be refunded for the unsold product provided:

    1. The product is purchased directly from the Company.
    2. The product is unused and verified by the Company to be in a good and resalable condition in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in this agreement.
    3. Product must be currently marketed by the Company.
    4. Written approval for refund is provided by the Company.
    5. The product is delivered to the Company at the Distributor’s own cost.
    6. An administrative fee of 10% is paid and confirmed received by the Company.
    7. The refund payment shall be paid on the next bonus payment to the distributor.
    8. Proof of payment for the unused and unsold product i.e. purchase receipt is required.
  3. 10 Days Cooling Off Period

    A 10 days cooling off period will be extended to consumers/customers for products purchased worth RM300.00 and above. Consumers/distributors who wish to return or exchange any products may do so in writing by providing a reasonable explanation together with documentation such as the original customer receipt together with the product and completed return/exchange forms or as required by the Company. Further assistance and information are available at our customer service help desk.

E. Distributor Code of Ethics

  1. Distributor Ethics

    A distributor shall at all times conduct themselves in accordance with the Company’s code of ethics and continuously maintain high professional and business standards. A distributor shall always endeavor to avoid any act (including written or spoken) which may be deemed by the Company, to tarnish or damage the Company’s reputation, product, or its business model. A distributor shall not commit any action (including written or spoken) that is deemed to be unlawful, unethical, or immoral. Stern disciplinary action and/or termination of distributorship may be taken against a distributor who is found to be guilty of the above-mentioned acts.

  2. Compliance

    All distributors must adhere to all policies and procedures of the Company. The policies and procedures are designed to safeguard the collective interest of the Company, its distributors, customers, and the public at large. Any breach of the Company policy and procedure shall be dealt with appropriate disciplinary action and/or termination against the distributor who is found to be guilty of the above-mentioned acts.

  3. Distributors Action

    A distributor will not act (including in writing and spoken) in any way which may give a negative impression of the product and the company. A distributor is also prohibited from engaging in unethical business practices or breach of any laws and regulations of the land. Stern disciplinary action and/or termination of distributorship may be taken against a distributor who is found to be guilty of the above-mentioned acts.

  4. Testimonials

    A distributor is strictly prohibited from providing any written or oral testimonials on the Company’s products unless such testimonials are approved by the Company.

  5. Medical Claims

    A distributor is strictly prohibited from making any medical, therapeutic, or other such claims on any of the Company’s products unless those which are printed on the Company’s brochures or literature. As an example, a medical claim is a claim on the ability of the Company’s product to cure illnesses. Stern disciplinary action including suspension or termination of distributorship may be taken against a distributor who is found to be guilty of the above-mentioned acts.

  6. False Statement

    A distributor is strictly prohibited from making a false statement on income earned, potential income earned, product, and other aspects. Stern disciplinary action and/or termination of distributorship may be taken against a distributor who is found to be guilty of the above-mentioned acts.

  7. Agent to Other Companies

    A distributor who has achieved the status of ‘Ambassador’ and above is not permitted to join any other Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies. This policy is non-negotiable and stern disciplinary action and/or termination of distributorship may be taken against a distributor who is found to be guilty of the above-mentioned acts.

  8. Cross Sponsoring

    If a distributor tries to sponsor any distributors to a third party MLM company or business opportunities, their distributorship shall be terminated immediately. Also, the Company distributor should not entice or lure other distributors from within the Company (i.e. Mayi Infinity) to join their organization.

  9. Other Products

    A distributor is strictly prohibited from selling other third party companies products to a distributor of the Company (i.e. Mayi Infinity).

  10. Report on Breach of Policy

    Every distributor has the duty and responsibility to report on a breach or breaches (actual or alleged) of Company policies and procedures. The Company shall treat all reporting of a breach of duty above as private and confidential.

  11. Enforcement

    The Company shall take the necessary and appropriate action to enforce its policies and procedures. The Company shall at all times endeavor to ensure the accuracy of such reports before taking such appropriate action.

  12. Enforcement Action or Procedure by Distributor

    In the first instance, it is the duty of the distributor to take all necessary steps to inform the wrongful party of any breach of the Company’s policy and procedures to ensure that the wrongful party understands the consequences of the said breach. The Company need not be notified of such a breach if the wrongful party agrees to abide by the Company’s policies and procedures AND if the breach is deemed to be minor. However, if the wrongful party refuses to cooperate, the distributor must then immediately report the breach to the Company in writing and provide the necessary details. The contents of the report must be verified by the Distributor as to its accuracy and signed. The Company shall ensure that all such information shall be kept private and confidential as per clause E.10 of this agreement. As a measure of fairness, all parties shall be given the right to state their case in writing or in person. The Company shall review the breach reported and shall take appropriate disciplinary for failure to observe the Company’s policies and procedures.

  13.  Disciplinary Action

    If a distributor is found in breach of the Company’s policies and procedures or any laws or regulations, the Company has the right to suspend or terminate the distributorship or impose any other disciplinary action depending on the seriousness of the breach. The findings of the disciplinary action shall be duly informed to all parties concerned in writing.

  14. Suspension

    The Company shall notify a distributor of a suspension by email via or courier to the last registered address. All such notification shall include details such as the basis of the suspension, the date, and duration of the suspension, and other matters deemed necessary by the Company. The suspended distributor shall be given 30 days from the date of the suspension notice to appeal their case. Any such appeal must be received by the Company within 30 days from the date of the notice of suspension. If the appeal is unsuccessful, a termination notice or other disciplinary action shall be served effective from the date of the notice of suspension. The Company shall notify the outcome of the appeal to the wrongful party in writing.

  15. Immediate Termination

    A distributorship may be terminated with immediate effect i.e. upon discovery of a serious breach of the Company policies and procedures. In view of the seriousness of the breach, the Company shall provide a retrospective termination notice to the distributor in writing. Upon termination, the terminated distributor is prohibited from contacting other distributors and/or attending any distributor meeting or Company activities. The distributor who is terminated is barred from registering as a distributor with the Company in the future.