F. Display and Advertisement

  1. Media and Advertisement

    All display of Company material including the use of logo etc. in the public domain such as media, advertisements, correspondences, website and display text (whether electronic or otherwise) require written approval from the Company. The Company distributor shall not represent the Company in any media (advertisement, news, special column, or any other category) without written permission from the Company. All inquiries on media should be referred to the Company.

  2. Sales Aids

    Only sales aids and promotional items provided by the Company shall be used.

  3. Display

    The Company distributor may, with prior approval of the Company, from time to time display the products and business opportunity in business exhibitions, conventions, and any other exhibition to recruit new distributors. All such activities must be submitted to the Company for approval, in writing, and no less than 15 days before the date of the exhibition or conventions. Distributors are prohibited from engaging in permanent (weekly, monthly or yearly) exhibitions or conventions or similar activities at the shopping premises such as malls, night markets etc.

G. Order and Shipping Information

  1. Order Form

    The Company products and sales aids must be ordered using the official Company Order Form. Full payment must be made together with the orders.

  2. Payment Method

    All orders must be paid in full either by bank telegraphic transfer; bank cashiers order/bank draft, cash and approved credit/debit cards, online banking. The Company shall not ship their product on a “cash on delivery or COD” basis.

  3. Back Order

    In the event that a product is out of stock, a distributor will be informed of the “backorder” status of the affected product. The backorder shall be fulfilled once the stock is available. The backorder points will be credited in the month where the order is received and fully paid.

  4. Shipping

    The Company shall forward your orders using shipping services or other services at the discretion of the Company. The time taken for the orders to reach distributors shall are depending on the distance of the location. All orders must be furnished with information such as i.e. name, telephone number, house number, town, and postal code, or other information as necessary. Orders shall not be sent to the PO Box address. An incomplete address will result in delay and additional charges may be imposed.

    Products that are not claimed within 6 months from the date of purchase shall be automatically forwarded (by courier or other such means as the Company thinks fits) to the buyer (member/distributor). Such unclaimed items shall be sent to the buyer’s mailing address as stated in the Company’s database. The buyer shall bear the following charges:
    A) cost of forwarding the purchased items and
    B) administration fee

  5. Delivery Charges

    Delivery charges and/or administrative charges are as stated in the official Company Order Form and in the website. Distributors are advised to collect their products for the packages and the monthly maintenance products from the Company’s HQ Office or appointed stockiest. Distributors who require the Company to dispatch the products (via courier or other means) to them shall be charged for such services and for the sake of clarity, such services shall be in addition to the cost of the packages.